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The books of writer E.L. James have been read by many and the fact that you came here means that the theme tickles your senses.
But what is it all about? Is it just a love story or is it about what many people want but never had the guts to try??
Yes, we talk about BDSM… The world of Bondage, Dominance, Sado- and Masochism and maybe not what you would expect:
Love and Erotics!

Many times "BDSM, is not my cup of thee…" or "No way I let someone slap me ?" is heart and if people are on a level that is a little beyond that, people wil almost always chose the believed safe "dominant" side.
But also many people are curious on  BDSM but don't know where to start or begin practicing BDSM on there own, making resulting in unrecoverable mistakes.
Why do you say "No" but in fact mean "Yes, I would like to know more…". Are you afraid of loosing control? Are you afraid of pain? Or don't you know and hear your instincts say: "Don't do that!"…

Let's first kill the biggest fairytale of all: "The dominant has all the power!"
Nothing is further beyond the truth. Within a BDSM game, the dominant sets the scene and has control over what will happen, bud the sub or slave  has always control over how far he or she let's the dominant go in the game. The role of the dominant within BDSM is a caring one. The task of the dominant is to give the sub what he or she wants and lead him or her to the borders of personal comfort and maybe a little beyond to let him or her grow in his own being. It all depends on trust and respect!